Me, my Dog, my Cat, a Tiny House, and my First Cross Country Road Trip



I hope you find yourself doing well.  My name is Joseph Chavez.  I usually go by “Joe” for short, and a few friends sometimes call me “Chavez,” “Joseppi,” or just, “Seppi”.  I’m originally from Maine, and I recently embarked on a cross country road trip which is something I’ve never done before, and it’s the main reason for creating this blog. The reason for my road trip is to visit my Dad in California as well as his side of the family, most of who live in El Paso, Texas.  It’s been about 15 years since I last visited them.  There are many other bonuses to the journey, such as having the opportunity to explore my country, meet people, and enjoy warm weather for the winter.

Much like my trip has been so far, the blog will be an evolving, especially in it’s infancy. As things move along and gain momentum, it will all become more flui.
What else should you know? Well… as the title says, my dog (Luke) and my cat (Suzy) are trusty companions on the adventure, and before I left Maine, I spent my last month building the tiniest of tiny houses onto the back of my pickup truck. It has a bed, a bench, some shelving, and that’s it. No shower, sink, or stove; but with the help of friends, family,, and friendly acquaintances along the way, those things are easy to come by.

The only other thing I think I should say is that before I left Maine, I had an apartment with a roommate and pretty much lived paycheck to paycheck doing the same old thing… not really going anywhere.  For the longest time I had this feeling deep down that I wanted to just leave to see new and different things and people. But, as we all do, I had excuses like, “I have a job” and “can’t get time off,” or, “I don’t have enough money,” on top of just putting the idea itself off and not seeing it as a possibility in my immediate future. It always seemed like it was a long way away from happening. I knew I didn’t want to be in an apartment anymore, and I didn’t want to be in Maine for the coming winter, and, eventually I realized that such an adventure was actually within my grasp provided I did the work and preparation. I guess the biggest factor was making a resolute decision. It also helps that I’m young, relatively, (I’m 30) don’t have any kids, wife, mortgage, or school to worry about. Everything else seemed to come together after that. I saved what money I could, built a tiny house, loaded it with supplies, and like an urban space capsule, I had a successful launch on the 3rd of November, 2015.
I’m a little fresh with the whole blogging thing, and there’s a lot to think about… Obviously I’ll figure it out as I go. I just hope that people enjoy reading about my journey and/or can get something out of what I write. I’ll do my best to consistently incorporate all of the following:
• Authenticity
• Originality
• Lots of pictures

I know this post might be longer than most “experts” would recommend, but, this is my first one ever, not to mention, the very first one for this blog, so, I just wanted to make sure I gave a thorough opening as to the who, what, why, and how. Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll come back to see how things are progressing.


4 thoughts on “Me, my Dog, my Cat, a Tiny House, and my First Cross Country Road Trip

  1. I said it before,,, YOU are what someone living their truth looks like! so very proud of all you do & all that you are! lluv you so very much,,,mom


  2. Hi Joe, I wish you the best with your adventurous spirit and travel buddies. You are doing something that most people (including me) don’t have the ingenuity to do. Keep in touch and don’t forget to take lot’s of pictures and videos. You’ll need them to put in your book about your travels.


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