Journey into Dixieland: A Musician’s Pilgrimage


I arrived in New Orleans on new years eve. This is my first visit and it’s literally a dream come true. I’ve always considered this place to be my own personal Mecca because music is one of my greatest passions and obsessions. So to visit or, make a “pilgrimage” to the birthplace of American music is a really big deal for me, not to mention, I especially love jazz and blues.

I’ve been here four days now and as expected, I’ve already had some “religious” experiences. The first real moment I had was when I went out Friday, (1 Jan). It was my first night really experiencing the city… The night that I arrived I pretty much just found a place to park and rested, however I did play my horn on Canal St. for about a half hour. Anyway, I was at the Balcony Music Club and the Big Easy Brawlers were playing when I walked in. They played a cover of “Stay With Me” and it really hit me. They were really feeling it, and so was I. The rest of the night was no different. They played until 1am or so. After that I found another spot called the 3090 which had a band similar to the Brawlers- funky, with a touch of R&B. Every song was great, too great for words really, especially their cover of “Crazy” by Gnarles Barkley. They played until 5am and I stayed for the whole thing. Again, the experience was spiritual, complete with goosebumps and a few tears of joy.


Part of the band at 3090

On my third night in town I didn’t do much, but, walking back to my truck from Starbucks in the evening, I ran into Tanya and Dorise on Royal St. They’re local celebrities and extremely talented. I had actually read about them just a couple days before. So, in the usual fashion, (it seems to be turning into a pattern) I was floored by their performance when I first walked up to them. They’re a perfect marriage of chemistry and passion. I requested “Sleepwalk” by Johnny & Santo, and like with the other bands the night before, they brought a couple tears to my eyes.



Tanya & Dorise

I’m planning on staying until Mardi Gras, and I know the days are just going to fly by. There’s so much to see and do and my experience has simply been amazing so far, and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Aside from the music, I still have tons of art to check out, and a lot of food to try. According to my cousin Steve in Mississippi who’s been all around the world; New Orleans has the best food anywhere. I can see how it’s going to be hard to leave…


Art on Royal St.



Another from Royal St.



And another




2 thoughts on “Journey into Dixieland: A Musician’s Pilgrimage

  1. Love what your doing. Come to Mountain View, AR in the Spring, you’ll love it. Look it up, especially if you like music. Your welcome to hang with us while your here, only we have property about an hour away. Safe and happy trails to you and your 4 legged crew!


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