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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Joseph,
    Can I hire you to write a poem for me to deliver at a party? Need 2.5 minutes, celebrating 30 years with my husband.
    You wrote a poem for me in the street in Nola (about Steph Curry and basketball) but now I am on San Francisco. Need by August 8th.


  2. Hi Joe!
    I saw your awesome tiny house in Fair Lakes by Whole Foods yesterday. Hope you don’t mind me asking a couple questions:
    Does your truck have a 6 or 4 cylinder? Do you sell plans to build? I have a Nissan Frontier without 4 wheel drive and it’s 4 cylinder extended cab, model year 2000. Would this be a good candidate? Would you be willing to build us one like yours on our truck?


    • Hey, thanks. I have a 6. I don’t currently have plans to sell but I’m considering it. I could build onto just about any chasis, so yes, your truck could work. And yes, I’d be willing to do a build for you.


      • Hello Joe , whatta ya know ? This is Kelly with the decorated vehicle. Coming to NOLA for winter? Where ya at for summer , see ya out there . Kelly.


      • Yo! Glad to hear from you. Been wondering how you are. I was just in NOLA a few weeks ago but only for about a week. I was just stopping through from Florida (had to visit grandma, she’s just north of west palm), on my way to Illinois to meet up with my girl. She’s been in U.P. Michigan all this time, so we’re meeting up in Chicago suburb and heading to Maine. Roberto was in NOLA too when I was there. He just moved on to Mississippi to try and get some work with Cory (not sure if you ever met Cory). So, we’re not planning to stay the winter in NOLA this year, but we are going to make a visit in the fall on our way southwest. I would have contacted you when I was just there but I never had your number. I hope we can meet up next time though. Adios amigo.


  3. Joe, we met in the parking lot of a closed McDonald’s in Fairfax, VA, in August. We talked for awhile about your travels and my daughter’s road trip. I enjoyed it very much and enjoyed meeting Susie, Leah, and Luke. I pinned the poem you wrote, “Encounter”, on my bulletin board. I’ve been wondering where and how you are. I hope all of you are well.


      • That’s good to hear. Pet Susie and Leah and Luke for me. I still have your poem pinned to the bulletin board. My daughter was on solo road trip this year, but she’s settled in Vancouver, WA, for awhile. Safe travels and keep in touch.


  4. Hi Joe, I’m not sure if you’re checking in here at all but I’m interested in having a tiny truck like yours…I would need you to build it. How much would something like this cost me? I sent you an email just in case you aren’t on here. Thanks, Teri M. P.s. I’m in Dallas Texas


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